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Chris Cousins


Although music and art have been major defining factors in his life

since an early age, Jorge Christian Cousins didn't start playing an

instrument until his early twenties. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana he

grew up with a variety of influences in 70's funk

and R&B styles like George Clinton (Parliament),

Prince, Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, as well

as James Brown. Chris first found interest in the bass guitar as a listener. During concerts he found that he would analyze the bass player's parts in the music,



following the bassist's hands

while the rest of the audience was lost in

the show. Chris is a self taught bassist

using the inspiration of favored artist and 

then infusing his own style into the music.

Chris has traveled all over the Midwest and 

California playing in several bands with a

wide variety of styles including Reggae,

Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock as well as Latin Salsa

 and Meringue. He feels that when it comes

to music he has a never-ending desire to

always learn something new. With that

attitude, he has added rhythm guitar to his

 musical talents and even takes a pretty

good turn on the drums.