Amy Savage


Ken Lettich

Jim Wegener

Joe Buscema


Chris Cousins

   Hybrid Groove began in 2000 as just a side musical project for an army brat born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Amy Savage. Blues inspired and rock born, Amy sends an emotional explosion of music through to her audience. Matched in the group is fellow front person Ken Lettich, who could be growling out powerful guitar riffs or blowing a feel good harmonica solo depending on which he feels most passionate on at the moment. Kenís also been known to grab the microphone a time or two whether it be backing Amy or taking center stage. The duo has fronted Hybrid Groove now for over five years and played several varieties of venues in the Raleigh area of North Carolina before recently heading to St Petersburg, Florida to pursue sunshine, beaches, and the blues community that thrives there. 

  It was there they met up with seasoned guitarist Joe "Cleanhead" Buscema whose clean soulful sound complements Ken's style. Also the group added Chris Cousin, a diverse bassist who would complete the band's unique sound matched with a dynamic drummer, Jim Wegener. The band since has been based on rhythmic heart-wrenching blues renditions and originals presented in both gusty, in-your-face electric sets and more intimate, traditional acoustic sets. In this way they have been able to provide a fresh look to a style that has survived decades and influenced many.